Ages 18 and up

The YMCA Swim Lessons Curriculum is a core group of aquatic skills every person needs to be safe around water. As the foundation of our program, these skills allow students to learn correct swim stroke techniques. Students begin with and build upon skills they are ready to learn, helping them to celebrate their successes, build self-confidence, and enjoy learning to swim and water safety. 

Adult Swim Lessons

Learn the front crawl and back crawl and other stroke basics. This class is for adult beginners who aren't yet able to swim 15 yards of front or back crawl. We will meet you where you are at in this class!

Stroke Fundamentals

Swim beginners will learn the basics while experienced swimmers will learn to improve efficiency in the water. Skills will be mastered through drills that will help break bad habits and reinforce proper stroke technique. This is great for anyone interested in learning to swim for exercise.  

Stroke Introduction for Adults

Learn the front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke kick and butterfly kick. This class is for people who aren't yet able to swim 15 yards of front or back crawl.  

Stroke Refinement

This class offers a blend of fitness and competitive swimming. Using structured workouts, you will work toward improvement on your stroke technique and physical fitness. This is great for triathletes looking to complete the swim portion confidently, in control and with energy left for the bike and run.