Board of Directors


It takes many caring people to make all the great things happen at our Y. Each of our volunteer board members shares their time, energy and focus on strengthening our communities through helping kids reach their potential, encouraging healthy living for all ages, and giving back to our neighbors.

Mike Sterr


Jim Curler

Vice President

Boyd Janto


Allen Ericson


Kirk Emerich

Past President

Mary Lynn Bennett

Mark Brueggeman


Carey Cameron

James Danaher

Doug Fitzgerald

Sandra Giernoth

Chad Hendrickson

Rob Jacques


Dan Johnson


Jeff Lambie


Ric Leitheiser


Tim Lorge


Brooke Novaczyk


Ramiro Paz


Brian Peacock


Alan Paul Price


Jill Punzenberger


Katie Ramos


Andrew Sarnow


Cindy Schacht


Kevin Steiner


Robb Steiner


Joe Swanson