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"Doing" Mental Health with Your Youth or Teen

Parents, caregivers, loved ones – check out the programs and resources below that help you improve the mental health of your youth or teen!

How the Y is Supporting the Mental Health of our Youth and Teens

If you’re looking for a program where your youth or teen will grow, discuss, and participate in activities to improve their mental health, check out these programs!


This group is for female-identifying participants to help boost their mental, social, emotional, and physical health. Check out SHE under our Teen Program page for more information. 

Child Care

In order to best support the growing minds of those attending Y child care sites, our staff are trained to support the mental, emotional and physical needs of children while also viewing behavior from a trauma-informed lens.

Before & After School Care

Our before and after school care programs incorporate social-emotional learning activities into their weekly schedules. These research-based, social-emotional learning activities focus on teaching skills like community-building, empathy and kindness, growth mindset, and emotion management. 

Y Day Camp

Starting summer 2022, our Y day camp will incorporate social-emotional learning activities similar to those in the before and after school care program.


Our 4K classrooms all utilize the Pyramid Model of social-emotional learning. This model is a conceptual framework of evidence-based practices for promoting young children’s healthy social and emotional development.


Our team members participating in our gymnastics program undergo a learning session with our Mental Health Manager or Mental Health Educator on how to support their mental health while in a competitive environment. The team discusses the importance of taking care of our physical bodies and minds.

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