Did you know that Racquetball was invented at the Y? One of the many sports invented here, Racquetball is an indoor sport that participants can play in a single or doubles format. At the Y, we value healthy living and encourage our members to stay active while having fun. With this sport, you can do both.

The game is similar to Squash in that opponents try to hit the ball against the front wall of the court, after allowing it to bounce once on the floor. Whoever cannot return the bounced ball with the use of their racquet loses the rally.

A typical match features 15 points, with the best two or three matches winning the game. Participants play a tie-breaker game to 11 points. A special tennis-like, rubber ball is used in the game as it bounces well on the walls and floor of the court.

Free for members. Community participants may purchase a day pass. 

Grab a Court

The West Washington Branch provides three Racquetball Courts that you may utilize by signing out a key at the Welcome Desk.