The Y has fitness classes specifically designed for older adults. They give participants an opportunity to stay physically active or in some cases, to overcome their fear of exercise and begin being physically active.

Healthy Aging fitness programs accommodate a wide variety of interests and functional abilities of older adults. Healthy Aging programs include water exercise, yoga, strength, and stretching classes. Our volunteer opportunities and social events help build lasting relationships and community ties that last a lifetime.

Healthy Aging Offerings at our West Washington Branch

Land Classes


Cardio-based classes offer low impact movement and exercise to build cardiovascular endurance and balance.


Cycling is an ideal workout for Healthy Aging Adults. Get a great cardiovascular workout with little to no impact on your joints.

Indoor Walking Track

Participants may use the track or the gym for unsupervised walking and cardiovascular exercise.

Pickleball - Open Play

Pickleball is a sport that is a combination of badminton, tennis, and ping-pong. It is performed on a 44ft x 20ft court with a three-foot-high net. Participants use a paddle board to hit a whiffle ball back and forth across the net. Join us for this low-intensity, high-excitement game that is fun for all age groups.

Strength Training

Participants may use specific strength training equipment chosen to enhance strong muscles and balance.

Water Classes

Aquatic Arthritis Program

Enjoy a shallow water workout for individuals with arthritis, joint and muscular concerns.

Aquatic Circuit

A water class geared for those who want to improve balance, stretching, and flexibility.

Aquatic Exercise

Shallow water calisthenics and aerobic exercise make this class a total body workout.

Propulsion Walking

Held in the Lazy River in the Family Adventure Pool, propulsion walking is a great resistance workout by walking or running with or against the current.

Rapid Resistance

Walking, jogging or running against the resistance of water adds an increased challenge for exercisers of all abilities.  Come try this class that will increase your heart rate, muscular endurance and joint stability.

Shallow Water Ex

Make the most of the resistive qualities of water to help increase your flexibility, cardio fitness and muscle strength. Perfect for first-time exercisers, currently active or those looking for a good workout. This class is taught in chest deep water. Participants should be comfortable in the water but do not need to have swimming skills.

Water Jog

Experience a deep and shallow water workout designed to improve cardiovascular ability, muscular endurance, and strength.