Preschool Swim Lessons

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Ages 3 years through 5 years

This is a child’s first experience in the pool without parental assistance.  The children are taught the basic skills that are the building blocks of swimming.  They also learn about pool safety and the use of personal flotation devices. Children must pass each level to move to the next level.


They will be introduced to basic swimming skills such as kicking, paddling, front and back float and blowing bubbles. The safety topic taught will be sun safety.


Swimmers will start performing skills without assistance. Swimmers will be introduced to swimming on their sides. The safety skill taught will be knowing examples of danger.


Swimmers are introduced to a basic form of breaststroke and elementary backstroke. They will also work on putting the front paddle together with rhythmic breathing. The safety focus will be the reaching assist.


Swimmers will focus on swimming all strokes without the assistance of an instructor or floatation device. Safety skills will include learning the Help position and Huddle position.

The skills taught in Preschool Swim Lessons center around five main components:

  • Personal safety:
    Activities that help increase awareness of personal safety issues
    for both the child and the family, including boating safety.
  • Personal growth:
    Activities that help the child and the family grow in
    spirit, mind, and body, including character development.
  • Stroke development:
    Activities that help develop swimming abilities so participants
    can move in the water safely.
  • Water sports and games:
    Activities that help develop an appreciation of aquatic activities
    that may last a lifetime, including age-appropriate games and songs.
  • Rescue:
    Activities that build awareness of how to help others in aquatic emergencies.

Samantha Cardarelle - Aquatics Director West Washington, West Bend
Samantha Cardarelle
Aquatics Director

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Jenna Stine - Aquatics Director Feith Family Ozaukee YMCA
Jenna Stine
Aquatics Director
Feith Family
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Kay Chanda Aquatics Coordinator West Bend YMCA
Kay Chanda
Aquatics Coordinator
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