Wellness Coaching

Helping you succeed.

Everyone needs a little extra support sometimes and finding balance in your health and wellbeing is no different. By working with one of our passionate, empathetic wellness coaches you will have the extra support and accountability you need to overcome barriers and challenges. You will feel empowered to reach your health and wellness goals. Our wellness coaching program is developed to be flexible. You are unique and we will work with you to develop a program that is as unique as you are! Get the encouragement and inspiration you need to find the energy and balance for your whole self- SPIRIT, MIND and BODY.

Meet Our Wellness Coaches at our West Washington Branch

Jane Kadow, KMYMCA Personal Trainer

Jane Kadow

The coaching aspect I enjoy the most is asking questions that prompt the member to find their own solutions. We are more likely to carry out solutions when they are our own rather than directives foisted upon us by someone else.

Allison Mellgren, KMYMCA Personal Trainer

Allison Mellgren

Meeting with our members and coaching them to their creative solutions for health and wellness has been an enriching experience.

Nicola Patrinos, KMYMCA Personal Trainer

Nicola Patrinos

Working with people who are trying to move forward to create balance in their body and are mindful of their inner strengths are the rewards of coaching.

Korina Konkol - Director of Healthy Living West Washington Branch KMYMCA
Korina Konkol
Director of Healthy Living
West Washington Branch
West Bend
(P) 262-247-1026