Mental Health Resources

Know the Five Signs

The Change Direction of Mental Health Campaign educates individuals on the signs that someone is struggling with their mental health. We all experience stress. Sometimes we can cope with our stress well, and other times we could use help. There is an abundance of resources, tools, and support to help ease our stress and struggles; we have provided multiple for you to check out below. The five signs of suffering resource will help you identify when someone you know – or yourself – may need help. If you’ve identified someone needing support, share any of these resources with them or contact our mental health team to get connected.

Washington & Ozaukee County Resources

Below you can find our Community Resource Directory for health needs in Washington and Ozaukee Counties. This document includes crisis resources, community-centered mental health resources, clinical mental health resources, housing resources, and food resources. The 2-1-1 line or the COPE line listed in the document can help you locate resources specifically for your needs.

Dinner Table Resilience

Dinner Table Resilience is now an App focused on building resilience and improving our mental health! The La Crosse Area Family YMCA created this series to bring mental health education into our homes. Join Sarah Johnson to review tips, topics, skills, and strategies that we can use at our tables to build resilience in ourselves and others.
Resilience is our ability to thrive, adapt and cope despite challenging and stressful times. It’s a foundational component of our mental health. Resilience is like a muscle; the more we train it, the stronger it gets. It grows through healthy and supportive relationships, taking care of ourselves and others, and asking for help when we need it. Use the Dinner Table Resilience App to grow resilience! Visit the App Store on your mobile device and search “Dinner Table Resilience” or “YMCA Mental Health” to download this free app!

Guide to Navigating Your Mental Health Care

For more information on how to obtain mental health care, finding providers, navigating insurance and much more, check out this great resource!

National Resources

This directory includes national resources for mental health needs, including those specifically for: suicide prevention, the LGBTQ+ community, the BIPOC community, the Deaf community, veterans, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, addiction support, food support, and shelter needs.

Additional Resources

These additional resources can be used for a non-traditional way of information, education and support related to your mental health. Check out the different podcasts, books, and apps that may be beneficial for your mind.