“I heard about Alloy through Jenny, a YMCA trainer. She would tell me how much I would love it, but I hesitated to join for many reasons; the extra cost, am I in good enough shape to do the program? Would I be judged? Could I keep up with the other members? I decided to give it a try and asked my husband to join me. We initially did the 30-day experience; after the first class, we were hooked! Our hesitation of “are we in good enough shape” or “will we be judged” was never a question once we met with the trainers. The trainers are amazing! They helped us pick the correct weights, showed us the right moves, and modified it if we struggled. We even encouraged our son and daughters to give it a try, from there-we became “Team Stucke”!

What’s it like to work out as a family? Well, in the morning we don’t say, “Good Morning” or “Did you sleep well last night?”. We now say, “Are you sore?” or “Can you feel it in your abs?”. You get random texts throughout the day saying, “I just walked up the steps and boy do my glutes hurt!”. What can be better competition than doing one more push up than another family member? Although we are just a “little” competitive, we are all there to encourage each other to get that one last burpee in.

We come back every week because the 70+ pounds that we lost as a family feels awesome! We can do a day’s worth of errands and still have the energy to do more. We can walk up three flights of stairs and not have to catch our breath on the second landing. And best of all, it’s the confidence walking into a room and feeling good about ourselves!”
You can see by our photo that Alloy is for every shape, size, and age. Our family is on different journeys, whether to lose weight, become healthier, or get into shape for football. What’s most important is that we are doing it together, seeing results in each other, and challenging ourselves to get to the next level both physically and mentally.
We are no longer Team Stucke…we are Team Alloy!

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