“Alloy. One word with many meanings to many different people. Hi, I’m Mary. I pass out high fives like it’s my job, I like to laugh, I make sweat angels and I enjoy working out. Yes, you read that correctly. I workout because I ‘IN JOY’ it. Let me be perfectly honest with you - I joined Alloy because I was talked into it by my friend, Beckey. She knew there was a summer promotion, and that is where my journey began in June of 2019 (high five, Beck!). Why did I stay after the promotion ended? I fell in love with the different types of workouts. It is the perfect balance between cardio and weight lifting. Full body workouts, foam rolling, and trying things that even I didn’t know I could do. Have you ever tried an explosive push up or pull up hold?! I hadn’t - until Alloy! 

Alloy has made me stronger. It’s a fact. I’ve gained skeletal muscle mass and lost inches! The trainers bring me heavier weights and I don’t shy away from a challenge, I thrive on it. Not only do trainers push me, but other members encouraged me which gives me the confidence to go to work. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. One of my goals when I started was to gain endurance and feel strong. It feels phenomenal to have met those, but I’m not done yet. I’m just getting started. I’m not a ‘number on the scale’ kind of gal, I’m a ‘how I feel in my clothes’ kind of gal. Each day I feel more fantastic than the last because I can feel AND see the work I’m putting in.

Alloy as a whole keeps me accountable. I commit to the workout, and if I can’t make it at a certain time, the schedule is flexible enough for me to make it work for me. The trainers do a great job with making sure I have good form, which is important to me. Their passion is to help you better yourself, and it shows. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are at, each workout can be accomodating to your ability. I’ve met new people, I’ve high fived them, I’ve cheered them on, and I’ve gotten all of that in return. If you’re willing to push yourself you will grow in ways you didn’t expect. Take it one day at a time, and if you hit your limit on your glass ceiling, let me be the first to say I want to work with you to shatter them both.”

-Mary Kramer, Alloy Training Program Participant

Locations: West Washington
Category: Member Stories