Jim & Gloria Hansen

"Starting Alloy Foundations Training at the Y one year ago has made a major difference for the two of us. Our activities before Alloy included daily two-mile walks with our dog and yard work maintaining six acres of property with lots of outdoor landscaping. In late fall and winter, there has been pheasant hunting, cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing in the Jackson Marsh across the road from our home. We both feel that we are much stronger now then when we started, able to lift substantially heavier weights and noticing a significant increase in cardio-vascular stamina.


Jim was experiencing extreme ups and downs in blood pressure early on in our membership. This has since stabilized at a normal level slightly on the low side. Gloria is proud of the fact that she can use the jump rope consistently and effectively versus her initial difficulties. This is a pretty big deal, considering she started less than one year after a compound fracture of both her tibia and fibula in her right leg. The 2½ hour surgery included the addition of two steel plates and 16 screws to repair the damage.


Attending Alloy Foundations training has been totally worth our investment of both time and money. We have enjoyed the group experience and excellent instruction provided. We have been blessed to make many new friends and acquaintances at the Y. We also enjoy telling others how worthwhile and fun this has been. Count on seeing us at the Y for a long time to come."


-Jim and Gloria Hansen, Alloy Personal Training Members




Locations: West Washington
Category: Member Stories