“Exercise and fitness have always been part of my life. I have played many team sports, jogged, ran 5K races, biked, speed walked, swam, learned yoga, and have been a lifelong waterskier.

Two years ago I joined the Y when walking outdoors in the winter was no longer an option. During a “Strength and Core” group class, Kim Jans offered a free demonstration of the Alloy program. After her demonstration I decided that I would give it a try and signed up. Early in my training I set a goal for myself to get strong enough to get up on a slalom waterski, something I did not have the core strength to do in over 5 years. And guess what? Four months into my Alloy training I got together with some old waterski club pals during a trip to Three Lakes, WI. It took me three attempts but I did get up on that slalom ski and cut up that lake just like the old days.

My recent “in body test” showed that I’ve lost three percent of my body fat mass and a little weight, plus I’ve gained muscle mass. I can see the difference in the mirror. But the biggest tell was yesterday when I pulled on some jeans that I haven’t worn since spring, muffin top disappearing and no more skin tight pant legs!!!

I have a ways to go on my fitness journey and have every intention of sticking with Alloy training. I enjoy the challenges, the special attention the trainers give us, and the friends I am making during our group workouts. My day is not complete without an hour or two at the Y.”

-Jeanette, Alloy participant

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