How the YMCA Has Changed Dylan's Life

"Dylan has been a member at the YMCA for quite a few years. He loves to walk the track, swim in the pools and soak in the hot tub. This helps him to stay in shape as well as have a “social fix.” He always has to make a friend while doing this, asking them many questions about themselves. He loves putting a smile on others face and making them laugh! This past year Dylan started to help out with the towel duties at the Y. This makes him feel very proud of himself! He has touched many people’s lives and knows just how to wrap his little finger around them. He knows members by name as well as the employees. He might make his own little names up for them such as ‘Front Desk Kaye or Desk Kim.’ He tells the members when they come in to ‘have a good work out’ and on the way out ‘hope you had a good work out or have a nice day!’ Many come up to him and say hi as well. The YMCA has been a blessing for Dylan. It’s amazing to see his personal growth and sense of worth expand while keeping him in shape!”

Cindy - Dylan's Mom

Locations: West Washington
Category: Member Stories