Dr. David Karwacki


Dr. David Karwacki has been in the business of helping people in Ozaukee County for over thirty years. Somewhat late in his career, he decided to change specialties from Anesthesia to Addiction Medicine. He treats patients who have Opiate Dependence, including their coexisting psychiatric issues, at Avvidus, a substance abuse treatment facility in Grafton. This was his first “desk job”, and he quickly gained over 60 pounds. The weight gain was accompanied by shortness of breath, ankle swelling and lacking stamina. Dr. Karwacki decided to join the Y in Saukville in September of 2017. He knew a few neighbors who spoke highly of the Y. 


David loved the Y. He states that he felt welcomed for who he was by staff as well as other members. He quickly started to go every day after work to swim. It seemed to take away the stresses of his work. Then he noticed more energy during the day. He slept better. He enjoyed his job more. David’s food choices automatically became healthier. It seemed that changing one aspect of his life to a healthier one had a ripple effect on all aspects of his life.


Dr. Karwacki made the decision to sit for Board Certification in Addiction Medicine. He studied every day after working out at the Y and every weekend, all weekend, for three months. He took the exam in November and was informed he passed in February of 2018. This achievement was one of the most memorable in his life. He absolutely believes it was the health bestowed on him from the relaxation, endurance and overall well-being he achieved through the YMCA. 


David has met many smiling faces of staff and members, who made him feel welcome. He looks forward to meeting more, and sharing that feeling with all newcomers to the Y just as it was shared with him on the day he first joined. 



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