Mackenzie and Kyle Crockett moved 1,600 miles away from home with their young family. Born and raised in Arizona, the couple relocated to Wisconsin in 2015 so Kyle could pursue his dream of becoming a Pharmacist. He is currently a student at Concordia University in Mequon. Mackenzie and Kyle moved to Wisconsin without knowing anyone and without having jobs. Mackenzie was a teacher in Arizona, but with Emily (age 3) and Cole (age 1), she wanted the opportunity to stay home as much as possible. She soon found a job teaching English online that allowed her the flexibility needed with her children.


Mackenzie and Kyle joined the Y in April of 2018. It is safe to say, the Y has something for everyone in the Crockett family. Mackenzie takes advantage of the group exercise classes at the Cedarburg offsite location. Emily participates in soccer at the Feith Branch and gymnastics at the West Washington Branch. Cole enjoys playing with other children in babysitting. The entire family enjoys time together in the pool. In the words of Mackenzie, “The Y has given us a sense of community, provided us with health and wellness and helped our children grow and develop.” The Financial Assistance program makes the Y affordable for the Crockett family. The Y has provided the setting for meeting new families and making new friends.


On behalf of the YMCA, welcome home, Crockett family!


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