Carol, Alloy Participant

"After having gone through knee and hip surgery in a short period of time, and the stress of opening and running my own business, my physical health had suffered, and I had a lot of extra inches around the middle, the “heart attack” zone. I reached out to Kim Jans, and she told me about Alloy. At first, the idea of getting up to go to a class at 5:15 AM seemed both impossible and crazy. But it was the best fit for my work schedule, so I decided to give it a try. After a year in the program, I had lost over a foot combined off my waist, hips, and thighs. I now have so much more energy and can do some of the things that had seemed very difficult after surgery. I can run up and down the stairs with a full basket of laundry. I have the energy to go on hikes with my dogs. When I got married in August, I looked and felt great in my dress!


What makes Alloy work for me are the structured classes, with classmates in all stages of life who encourage each other and celebrate our victories. The instructors are there to help make sure you are doing things right, and they really help you improve your technique, do the moves correctly and avoid injury. And now, the early morning workouts are a habit that give me energy for the whole day!"


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