The Bublitz Family

"The Y is where we go to have fun as a family, connect with others, and feel a sense of normalcy. In our everyday life, there are medical bills, medications, hospital visits, and many uncertainties. But at the Y there are instructors who motivate and encourage us. It’s where our kids made their first friends and took their first classes. It’s where we’ve made lifelong friends who have become like family to us. It’s where our kids can be part of the group and not held back by finances. There are so many times in life that we have to tell our kids no due to medical bills. The Y is the one place where we can say “yes,” we can go swimming, take a class, or watch a movie on family night. It’s where we can give our girls opportunities and experiences that we otherwise would never be able to give them. As our girls always say, 'Y days are the best days!'" 


Locations: West Washington
Category: Member Stories