Bill Butz

Meet Bill! He grew up swimming in the river, in Kewaskum, and stuck with the breaststroke so he could push all the weeds to the side. Fast forward many years later to the Spring of 2018, Bill and his family were going to take a trip to Tahiti. His kids decided on snorkeling, so he figured he better start swimming again to get ready. At the same time, Bill was experiencing quite a bit of pain from arthritis in his knees. His doctor recommended he join the Y and get into the pool.

Shortly after he started swimming, Bill’s wife, Donna, encouraged Bill to begin tracking his laps. It was at this time he thought, "I’m not fast, so I won’t be doing any sprints, but I could do a marathon!" So, he decided, to swim a marathon in less than a year. Donna put together an excel document to track and every week, Bill would share what he swam, and she would update it.

"I may only be passing the water walkers, but that’s not what it's about," says Bill. He started averaging about 12 laps every Tuesday and Thursday, and he is now up to 16 laps. It used to take him about 45 minutes; now his laps take closer to 35-40 minutes.
Bill shared, all you need is to know how to swim, how to be persistent, and what time the pools open. Bill's humor and joy for life are evident when you sit and connect with him.

What’s on Bill’s docket now that he swam a marathon? He has already started his next journey, across the Panama Canal, a total of 44 miles! He thinks it will take him about 11 months. Also on his radar, Cuba and Down to Kokomo to meet up with the Beach Boys. (He may be swimming for a while!)

Congratulations, Bill, on your inspiring achievement! What goal are you working on? It’s not about the size; it's about challenging yourself, finding something that motivates you and being persistent.


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