Youth Ages 5 years and up

Youth Bootcamp - Ages 5-12

Come join in the fun! Join our youth boot camp class led by a certified group fitness instructor. You will strengthen your heart and muscles all while having a blast!

FLEX - Ages 10 and Up

FLEX will teach you how to strength train with safe and proper technique. Strength training is a great compliment to sports practices and an everyday healthy lifestyle. This class is led by a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer.

Y-Speed - Ages 7 and Up

Y-Speed will help you become stronger, faster, quicker, more powerful and prepared for your next sports season. Our coaches will direct you in workouts that will enhance your speed, agility, coordination and flexibility.

Kitchen Creations - Ages 7 and Up

This class is designed to get youth involved in meal preparation. Our Registered Dietitian will be introducing them to basic cooking skills such as cutting, chopping, and measuring among others to make them feel comfortable in the kitchen. Each week participants will prepare a health snack or meal that they can taste test and bring a recipe home to try. Cooking together as a family fosters new opportunities to get youth involved in the kitchen and try new foods!

Yoga for Teens - Ages 13-18

This class is designed specifically to work on strength and flexibility, while relieving the stress of daily life. Our class allows teenagers the opportunity to focus on themselves and take a break from their busy lives. Each class offers active poses, balance work, breath work and relaxation. All teens welcome!