Calorie burning cardio, lower body core strength and improved balance.

Step aerobics is a form of aerobic exercise that uses a low elevated platform with choreographed exercise routines for great cardio fitness. Additionally, this class provides exceptional training to shape the lower body. Your coordination will be tested at times! Core, arms, legs, glutes, and back are the targeted areas in this class. 

  • Level: All
  • Drop-in class
  • No registration required
  • Ages 13+ may attend unaccompanied by an adult

A Typical Class

Class begins with a warm-up using the step. Then, the instructor will lead the class participants in a freestyle step routine that will move 360-degrees around the step. The class ends with cool-down that incorporates strength exercises or floor work.


  • Increase stability and balance
  • Raise overall fitness level
  • Improve heart and lung capacity for increased cardiovascular health
  • Burn calories
  • Increase bone health and density
  • Improve coordination
  • Increase muscular tone

Tips + Preparation

  • New to class? Arrive a little early so our instructor can give you some pointers
  • Focus on FUN!! Don't worry about perfection-we've all been there
  • Lost in a move? Continue moving until you are able to re-join the class
  • It may take a few classes to catch on, don't give up

Equipment Needed

  • Step platform and risers
  • The Y provides all equipment for this class

Attire and What to Bring

  • Come to class dressed and ready to move your body
  • Wear comfortable, functional clothing made to breathe to allow air flow
  • Water bottle
  • Sweat towel (available at the Welcome Desk)