Kathy's Journey

“Friday mornings you’ll find Kathy kicking off her shoes ready to step on the scale in our personal training office. She is excited since she knows there will be a smaller number on the scale than last week! Kathy puts a lot of thought and energy into her daily lifestyle. In our training sessions, we talk about food choices, reading food labels and making healthier choices when going out to eat. But just as important, we work on fitting exercise into her daily life. Kathy works fulltime and it’s amazing to see her enthusiasm and energy level when she shares with me what she ate and her activity during the week.”

-Nicola Patrinos, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

“Meeting every week with Nicola has made me very accountable! I have made exercise an important part of my everyday life. To me, it’s about working it into my daily routine. I do this by parking far away when I go places, I take breaks from my desk to walk, and I do pushups, squats or a plank. I find by incorporating five to ten minutes of exercises daily has helped me meet my goal with losing weight plus my confidence level has increased!”

-Kathy, Personal Training Client

Locations: West Washington
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