Youth Swim Lessons

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Ages 6 years and up

Youth Swim Lessons encourage students’ self-awareness and self-confidence. Lessons also boost learning and enhance swimming skills, strength and endurance; in turn improving wellness and helping students build social skills. Each level teaches students a new stroke and continues to build and refine skills taught in previous levels.


Swimmers will learn the basics of paddling on their front and back, kicking on their side and rhythmic breathing. They will be introduced to some safety tips such as the reaching assist.

POLLIWOG 2 - West Washington Branch Only

Swimmers will enhance the skills practiced in Polliwog 1. They will focus on increasing endurance to be able to swim one length of the pool.


Swimmers will focus on front crawl, back crawl, side paddle, breaststroke and elementary backstroke. Swimmers will be swimming 25 yards without assistance. Safety focuses will include learning about safety precautions and boating safety tips.

GUPPY 2 - West Washington Branch Only

Swimmers will build on the skills learned in Guppy 1. They will build more confidence in their technique and overall swimming skills as well as learn more diving and deep water skills.


Swimmers will focus on stroke refinement of front stroke, backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke and elementary backstroke, while increasing endurance. Safety topics include resting strokes, diving safety tips, and open water safety.


Swimmers will continue stroke refinement and be swimming long distances for endurance work. They will be introduced to the butterfly stroke. Safety skills will include swimming with clothes on and how to treat leg cramps.


Swimmers will focus on personal water safety as well as increase their endurance for continuous swimming. Swimmers will add flip turns and open turns to their strokes. Swimmers will learn boating and open water rescue techniques.


Swimmers will work on increasing endurance to swim 500 yard continuously. Their safety focuses will include heat and cold emergencies and recognizing symptoms of shock.

The skills taught in Youth Swim Lessons center around five main components:

  • Personal Safety:
    Students learn to be safety conscious in and around water.
    The information forms the basis of accident prevention.
    Survival skills, self-rescue and boating safety are taught.
  • Personal Growth:
    In learning new skills students build self-esteem.
    They also learn the consequences of their choices in relation to water safety.
  • Stroke Development:
    Students are taught through stroke techniques.
    Paddling skills, treading, floating, basic rescue skills
    and safety using lifejackets are among those taught.
  • Water Games:
    Games are used to enhance skills learned.
    Retrieving objects underwater and passing a ball are examples
    of what is taught.
  • Rescue:
    Students learn safety techniques – knowing when to yell for help,
    being able to go to an adult for assistance, reaching and throwing assists.

Samantha Cardarelle - Aquatics Director West Washington, West Bend
Samantha Cardarelle
Aquatics Director

West Washington Branch
West Bend
(P) 262-247-1029

Jenna Stine - Aquatics Director Feith Family Ozaukee YMCA
Jenna Stine
Aquatics Director
Feith Family
Ozaukee Branch
Port Washington/Saukville
(P) 262-235-9611

Kay Chanda Aquatics Coordinator West Bend YMCA
Kay Chanda
Aquatics Coordinator
West Washington Branch
West Bend
(P) 262-247-1011