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Everyone needs a little extra support sometimes and finding balance in your health and wellbeing is no different. By working with one of our passionate, empathetic wellness coaches you will have the extra support and accountability you need to overcome barriers and challenges. You will feel empowered to reach your health and wellness goals. Our wellness coaching program is developed to be flexible. You are unique and we will work with you to develop a program that is as unique as you are! Get the encouragement and inspiration you need to find the energy and balance for your whole self- SPIRIT, MIND and BODY.

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Stories from Wellness Coaching Graduates

"Wellness Coaching lets me be in charge of my wellness routine. Every question my coach asked, empowered me as "the knower", the person who knows the most about my body, what I need and what I want. I quickly understood that this was not going to be a passive learning experience where I followed the directions of another expert."

"This has been an excellent experience for me. The only regret I have is that I didn't start the program sooner."

"Wellness Coaching has helped me keep focused like never before! The goal setting, meetings, friendly hellos, emails, and FitLinxx© reports have all helped me to stay on top of my goals."

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Allison Mellgren
Wellness Coach

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