Special Fit

Adaptive Health & Wellness Programming for
Special Needs Individuals

Special Fit is an adaptive exercise program designed for middle and high school aged individuals with cognitive disabilities/developmental delays that are physicallyindependent. Each class introduces new and fun ways to exercise and promote a healthy, active lifestyle, while fostering individual growth and success, increasing self confidence, encouraging social skills and promoting independence. A variety of exercises will be introduced including drumming, strength training, spinning and more. Stretching and relaxation will also be explored, developing a healthy spirit, mind and body. The ultimate goal is to get moving and have fun!

Adaptive programs have a goal to help individuals transition to a larger integrated community. Participation in non-adapted programs is also encouraged by the Y. The Y continuously evaluates its programs and is open to new ideas and suggestions to ensure a successful experience for all.

for more info:

Becky Sohm
Special Fit Coordinator