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Financial assistance is offered to individuals and families who cannot afford memberships or programs. We raise funds annually through the Annual Scholarship Campaign to ensure the Y is accessible to all people.

Financial assistance keeps the Y available for kids and families who need us most. We count on the generosity of our members and community to help people of all ages and from all walks of life be more healthy, confident, connected, and secure.


Gives a child an opportunity to participate in a youth sport.


Offers a child 8 swim lessons.


Offers 1 month of after school care for a child.


Offers 1 single adult an affordable membership.


Offers 1 individual suffering from chronic disease
a 1 year membership to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Offers 1 family a chance to participate in wellness
together as one member battles a chronic condition.


Offers 3-4 families a membership at an affordable cost.


If you would like more information on how to give, contact Jenny Zaskowski at 262-247-1052 or email

Jenny Zaskowski
Director of Donor Relations